What you can expect

Texas Health Emergency Room is a freestanding emergency room. Texas Health Emergency Room functions like a hospital-based emergency room. Insurance law provides that all insurance plans should process all emergency services claims toward the “in-network" benefits. We may not contract with your insurance carrier and cannot anticipate accurately what specific rates your carrier will apply to individual services. At the time of your visit, the emergency room co-pay will be collected, and your insurance carrier will be billed and will process the claims toward your policy's emergency room benefits.

Multiple claims will be filed to your insurance carrier. One claim will be submitted for the facility, one for the emergency physician, and if you receive any imaging, one claim will be sent by the radiology group for the radiologist reading of the CT, x-ray, or ultrasound. Should you have any financial responsibility after your insurance company process the claims, you will be sent a separate statement from each provider; Texas Health Emergency Room, the emergency room physician, and the radiologist.

If you have specific questions about your bill, please call our patient accounts team at (855) 694-6452 weekdays between 8am and 5pm.